our Story

‘enhancing the standards for women in sober living’

Becca and Leah are sisters who have grown a passion for helping women recover from the grips of addiction. Their love is strong and always has been. It hasn't always been easy and at times, didn't even feel strong. To love an addict, some say, is to know what it feels like to run out of tears. Becca has been sober from heroin addiction since October 31, 2015. Becca completed treatment in Chicago and moved to Austin for sober living.  Becca had her life to rebuild, her soul to piece back together and her spirituality to discover. Becca credits the high structure and accountability provided by living in a community of like-minded women, a key component to her lasting sobriety.

By the Grace of God, and with a firm understanding of the deadliness of the disease of addiction, Becca became willing to work a program of recovery. To this day she continues to guide women through the steps and mentor women in recovery. Leah has observed her sister’s courage and grace and it has been brought to her knees in amazement.

The amazing sober community of Austin pulls Becca closer when she may feel she's drifting, reminds her of her purpose when she’s feeling listless and reconfirms there is a Power that never stops fighting by her side when she’s feeling defeated.  

Becca and Leah want to give back to the very community that gave Leah her sister back and Becca her life back. Without the compassion and unyielding support of Austin’s sober community, Becca and Leah would not have the opportunity to help women change their lives, just as Becca has.

With a combined 15+ years of experience in the addiction world Becca and Leah are committed to treat each woman with respect, compassion and acceptance. They commit to never stop learning, growing and leading by example.

Only by the Grace of God Becca and Leah are able to support women on their journey to lifelong sobriety, serenity and success.