Grace Recovery will focus on enhancing the standards for Women in Sober Living resident communities. The mission will be to enable women to have a safe and supportive environment during the critical phases of taking control back over their lives.

Our residents will have access to a complete range of services and resources to help guide them to lifelong recovery with both proven recovery methods and integrated approaches.This is a passion of the Co-Founders who have been on their own journey of recovery and supporting recovery, as sisters.

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Core Principles

  • Enhance the standards for women in sober living resident communities

  • Importance in specialized therapies

  • Treat your body, mind and spirit as whole, not just treating the addiction

  • At Grace we believe that a sense of community is the number one defense against relapse. We will nurture this concept by offering, requiring and encouraging the women of Grace to take an active role in their recovery as well as giving back to the very community that supports them wholeheartedly.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of an inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program, or current attendance in an intensive outpatient program

  • Must not be taking any narcotics, sleeping medication, benzodiazepines, suboxone, stimulant medication, laxatives, and/or diet pills.

  • No Psychotic Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Able to meet financial requirements for deposit and program fees

  • Alcohol and drug free for 30 days

  • Actively working 12-step program

Application Process

  • Complete a new resident application found on our website

  • Participate in a face to face interview preferably on site or at treatment facility. Facetime/skype interview can be an option if cannot meet in person.

  • Provide valid driver's license OR state ID

    Upon Acceptance Intake Requirements

  • Read and sign Grace Recovery house policies and procedures

  • Submit to a drug and alcohol test

  • Submit security deposit

  • Property search upon arrival to house

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Residents will be required or encouraged to actively participate in the complete program Grace has to offer. Grace will offer both proven methods of recovery as well as integrated approaches to help build the foundation to life long change, all included in the monthly rent of $1475.00.

  • High accountability program, gender-specific, 12 step focus

  • Progression based on a system of Chapters

  • Weekly or bi-weekly substance screening (depending on Chapter)

  • Bi-weekly outing to a recovery meeting

  • Weekly big book/house meeting

  • Weekly Enhancement Classes facilitated by licensed professionals for Trauma work and Professional Development

  • Trained and paid house managers. Trained through National Alliance for Recovery Residences for recovery housing standards and best practices

  • Membership to state of the art gym after 30 days

  • Coffee and condiments

  • Monthly maid services

  • Letters of residency

  • Resources for recovery meetings times and locations in Austin

  • Resources for local H&I’s.

  • Job assistance, nutrition, and self care resources

  • Placement for local IOP/PHP programs

  • Referrals for addiction psychiatrists, therapy and counseling and other addiction industry professionals

  • Monthly calendar of ways to get involved in the recovery community and the city of Austin

  • Access to a calendar of events throughout the city of Austin

  • Family Program

  • Access to Grace Recovery’s

  • Technology focused data collection to asses red flags for relapse

  • Downloadable app to help members track meetings, and track progress to stay the course