Connected Heart #2- The Mental System

As we begin our journey into the Connected Heart, we start our exploration in the first of our four systems, the Mental System, with the Wolf as our guide. The Wolf connects you to heightened senses and intense presence as you learn how your own mental system operates within you.

The Wolf

“Take my eyes and senses to see with. I give you the gift of mental clarity and curiosity, so you will be able to see the thoughts and beliefs of your mind that were too scary to see before.”

Each system of our Connected Heart communicates with us in the language of that system. Current issues or dissatisfactions in our lives show up in our mental system as thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. At Connected Heart, we call these our Disconnected Beliefs. These belief systems become patterns of thinking, acting, and ultimately the lens we see the world through. This creates a feedback loop where we only see the evidence of these belief systems, seemingly confirming these thoughts as true.   

These disconnected beliefs block us from Heart-Knowing, our natural state of well-being, worthiness, freedom and love of our self and others.   

Disconnected beliefs live in the mental system. Many of us operate largely from our mental system and use it as the primary source of information about ourselves and the world. We tend to identify with the mental system and believe this is the totality of who we are. The reality is that we are much more than just the activity of our mental system! Yet because of our modern society’s over-identification with the mind and our disconnected beliefs, we don’t recognize that we are far more and we don’t gain access to the other systems. We then stay stuck unable create the change we desire.

Journey into your mental system and learn what disconnected beliefs are active, blocking you from your natural state of worthiness, well-being, and freedom!

Join us in creating a world of Connected Hearts!

Until next time,


Robin and Wendy