Welcoming the New Year: A Season for Change

Every new year brings about the opportunity to reflect on where you are in your journey.  While you are always on the path, there are certain seasons when you are more open to creating change, for releasing the old to make space for the new. The new year is a moment when we are primed to embrace the possibility for transformation.   

Beginnings are exciting, but they can also activate uncertainty or fear.  We unintentionally cling to what is comfortable, however growth comes from moving into the unknown.  

The unknown activates our fears. Our fears are stored in the 4 core systems of our Connected Heart, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Just like cleaning out your house to declutter and feel refreshed, we have to clear out our 4 core systems in order to release old patterns and create new ones.    

Releasing old patterns requires a rarely acknowledged grief process that must occur to truly allow the new. This process is not for the faint of heart and to allow the full expression of our grief is messy. It is far from the polite and composed way we are encouraged to behave.   

To break out of our mold we must find the courage to step into the unknown and embrace the full expression of ourselves. Courage is found through accessing the four connected heart healing ingredients, curiosity, compassion, vulnerability, and responsibility.   

We hope that your journey leads you to a return to your Heart-Knowing in 2019. We offer you the blessings of the healing ingredients and the knowledge of the four core systems of your Connected Heart.  
Join us in creating a world of connected hearts. The journey will be available at www.connectedheart.net beginning 2019