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Dear Self,

I am going to take things slow and breathe deeply.

I am going to love on you just like I’d love my bestie.

I am going to open my heart to you and listen from there.

I am going to let go of any shame or blame. It’s covering up what I need to learn.

In uncovering, I discover parts of me I had never known.

So much to learn, to connect with and understand under this veil.

Some parts need to be seen, some need to be heard and some need healing.

I welcome all of you- the broken, the chipped and the healed.

I celebrate you, whole, as a woman, experiencing her life.

As I love you, I get to know you.

As I get to know you, I realign and rebuild.

I will not be unkind and unfair. I will support you.

I will take deep, full breaths and get into my body and away from the chatter of my ego mind.

I can slow down now to speed up later.

This is my time to just BE with you.

You're My Favorite!

Love, ME

I Choose Bold

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